Wine Bar / Street Food / Event Venue

About Us

Our Vision

Some of you will have dined at our first site in Menston where we became established as a fine-dining restaurant offering bona-fide Indian food cooked and prepared by Indians. We were grateful for all the awards and recognition achieved.

Due to the relocation and in need of a much bigger site we are now establishing ourselves as a premium wine bar and event venue for the individual and corporate needs.


Why 'THE 1875'

Our Original Name comes from : The year is 1875. The British Raj in India is at its highest and Queen Victoria is the first Empress to India. The elite-ranking British officers, wherever they are stationed in India, by default got the very best regional Indian food. Rolling forward to modern times, discerning palates of today can now enjoy the same quality of regional Indian food, without going to India. Cooked by very talented and experienced Indian Chefs, in an award-winning setting that was built in 1875.


Opening Times

5pm onwards Tuesday to Friday

12noon on Saturdays

Closed Sundays & Mondays (however for special events we would be happy to open either earlier or on the days we are closed)